About Policy Prescription

Policy Prescription is a website dedicated to blogging about public policy, politics, and law as it relates to drug prices, drug importation, online pharmacies, and prescription drug safety.

I’m Gabriel Levitt, founder of Prescription Justice, a non-profit organization dedicated to lowering drug prices in America, and the Prescription Justice Institute, a non-profit organization, which is committed to putting patient access to healthcare first in the digital global marketplace. I’m also an advisor to PharmacyChecker on matters of public policy and advocacy, a company I co-founded and helped lead for 20 years. PharmacyChecker verifies online pharmacies and compares prescription drug prices.

I have testified before Congress; published several op-eds, including in the New York Times, The Guardian and The Nation; submitted myriad public comments to federal agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; and organized and participated in several international conferences, such as the UN Internet Governance Forum, all about the issues germane to this blog.

I am president emeritus of the United Nations Association Brooklyn Chapter and formerly on the Board of Advisors of the Business Leaders for Health Care Transformation. I have a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Roger Williams University and a master’s degree in International Relations from American University. Now, I’m back in school pursuing a Juris Doctorate at Brooklyn Law School. I live in Brooklyn, NY (not surprisingly), with my wife Rebecca, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, sons Casper, Max and Wyatt – and a chihuahua named Cole Madison. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. To contact me, please reach out on LinkedIn.